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Love Mandarin and always wanted to travel around China or business executive who wants to tap into the business world in China? Mandarin may sound difficult to learn however it is possible with good effort and a good tutor!

We focus on effectiveness in learning, interaction, dynamic and funfilled environment! Small-scale and individual classes are always encouraged to maximise your learning experience! Our well-trained teachers are native mandarin speaker (from Mainland China), years of teaching experience, friendly and well-versed in French language too. We offer lesson for students with different needs and level!

For Children 
For Adults
For Business
For Travelling
For Individual (1-to-1)


We offer two types of Mandarin lesson:

1-to-1 Individual Class

Our Objective is to offer you a mandarin lesson which is designed to maximise your learning progress. By understanding your weakness, our teacher design and deliver a programme to suit your needs. Student enefits

Relaxed Environment
Always at Student's Pace
Customised Course Material

Small Group

Each group class is designed to meet the needs of student and their level. We currently have students from different background, adultschildren, executives, managersand also expatriatespouses living in Singapore as well as people from around the world who are passionate about learning chinese.

With our small group course and tutor, you are assured of high quality tuition, flexibility and value. Yenefits

Maximum 15 People Per Class (for adult), 10 People for Kids
Interaction Group Dynamics
Discipline of Teacher-led instruction

The experience of knowing how people learn enables us to focus on what you need to learn.

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